Diagnosis and treatment of ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis refers to inflammatory bowel disease and defined as a chronic disease of the colon with retsidiruyuschimi properties.

September, 2013

Disclaimer of Medicine

Do I have to give up the help of medicine? Another great healer Avicenna in the tenth century said that the physician has three guns – a word, a grass and a knife. The fact that each of these need healing corresponding belief level. The person who decides what is more suitable to him. The main thing in choosing a method of treatment – to find your, harmonious. As the Bible says: “According to your faith is given to you.” Explain that option. Engaged people you love, it has a wonderful family, and he is happy by nature kind, sincere and good-humored. And suddenly, for no apparent reason begins to ruin oneself by drink. Here comes immediately to mind the More

Strengthen men’s health

Male complex VISION (Vision, Vision) has been specially designed to prevent the typical “male” problem. General fatigue, sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, promiscuity and associated infections contribute to the extinction of the man `. Many say – potency is not the same … On this background Male complex VISION (Vision, Vision) helps to avoid problems. Guaranteed to increase potency. Taking on 4 bottles of vitamins Male VISION 2 times a year do you keep and increase their strength. . With the purpose of treatment or after a special treatment by a doctor, Male complex VISION will help you quickly return to duty! Your potency will be at the height .. Men are advised to take the entire set of VISION, that More

Curative kalanchoe PERMUT

Dosage Forms – Kalanchoe juice and cream – is widely used as an external agent for the treatment of venous ulcers, non-healing wounds, burns, and gives a great effect in the treatment of pressure sores in the obstetric and genekologicheskoy practice dentistry in the treatment of chronic suppurative otitis media. Wound or ulcer is treated by applying a thin coat around her sintomitsinovoy furatsillinovoy or ointment. From the syringe through a thin needle wound irrigate juice of Kalanchoe, close gauze folded in layers 4-5 and abundantly moistened Kalanchoe juice, apply a bandage. Curing of this plant in the dark at a low temperature leads to accumulation therein important to treat many diseases biogenic stimulants. Age of the plant in the More

Treating sinusitis folk remedies.

Sinusitis (ethmoiditis, sinusitis, sinusitis) – an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. Most often it is the consequence of a long undertreated common cold. However, sinusitis can develop for different reasons – for example, due to inflammation in the roots of the teeth, especially the upper root. Typical signs of sinusitis – a feeling of heaviness, pressure or fullness in the nose, forehead, cheeks, temples or sometimes even teeth. These unpleasant sensations in the development of the disease will soon begin to be accompanied by pain. The temperature is increased. The sense of smell is weakened or lost, nose is stuffed up (often on one side), there are mucous or pus. Sinusitis. Folk remedies for the treatment of sinusitis. All this More

Emergency aid for burns

Emergency aid for thermal burns: 1. Terminate destructive factor – put out the clothes, put the child into the air, etc. 2. Cool the burned areas – cold running water or a cold wet towel wrap, may be used kriopakety, snow, etc. Cooling should extend from 5 to 15 minutes – that reduces pain, reduce the damaging effects of high temperatures. 3. Anesthetize – any of the available analgesics, if possible – it is better to introduce analgesic intramuscular – dipyrone solution of 50% – 0.1 ml of 1 year of life (adults – 2.1 mL).