Diagnosis and treatment of ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis refers to inflammatory bowel disease and defined as a chronic disease of the colon with retsidiruyuschimi properties.


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The feeder systems that belong to the PCDD federation are geographically distributed, heterogeneous, and autonomous. Each feeder system has its own user interface as well as other means of access to the information it provides. In addition, each feeder system is an instance SystemInstallation of a SystemType. The introduction of a feeder system of unknown system type into the federation is a process that requires human mediation and involves five steps: a concept mapping, b design of an export view, c implementation of a data extraction gateway, d registration of the feeder SystemType and SystemInstallation inside PCDD, and e the scheduling of periodic on-line directory updates. The overall process is outlined in Figure 25. Filitra 20 ( Tretiva 10.
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